Land Acknowledgement

Food Not Bombs acknowledges the colonial history and legacies of Canada and that colonialism is ongoing and violent.

We each have an individual responsibility to both educate ourselves on the impacts of colonization and to respond with accountable actions in the ways we conduct our work with FNBs and in our own lives. We work to respond to systemic social disadvantage and uphold knowing across social differences. Developing meaningful relationships with Indigenous peoples can only be done when these relationships are based on taking accountability, developing trust, and working in solidarity with one another. It is our responsibility to work with Indigenous peoples to push for a society where we work towards decolonization and Indigenous sovereignty. Our work as an anti-capitalism collective cannot exist without resistance to colonial systems and industries. We acknowledge our work could not be done without the past and present work of Indigneous land defenders and activists that have set the paths of resistance against colonization. We recognize the responsibilities of our collective, our own social positions, and the capacities we each have to fight against this colonial project known as ‘Canada’.